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Photo of laughing children with school in background


Sacramento City Unified School District

Principal's Message

smartquote  We provide to our students a rigorous education, a confidence to succeed, a respect for all people, and most importantly an environment that expects success.smartquote

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and dilligence."
—Abigail Adams

Here at Hubert H. Bancroft Elementary School, we believe that every child has the right to an environment that is based in high expectations for student learning and equitable access to quality instruction. As the Principal, it is important to share my vision of our school. At Bancroft, I see a school that takes ownership on the topics of student empowerment, teacher collaboration, and equitable access for all of our students. These are the principles that have helped build Bancroft into a school where students are both expected to achieve academic excellence and be  prepared to be productive citizens in the global economy. In addition to academic achievement, we develop self-esteem, personal and social responsibility and respect for individual uniqueness.

Hubert H. Bancroft Elementary School will continue to see many changes in upcoming years. It is our job as educators to adapt to the changes that occur outside our school walls and community boundaries. Only in a school where staff and community work together can we continue to achieve our goal of student learning. I look forward to building strong relationships with all of our Bancroft families and partnerships within our community.

Enrique H. Flores